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World renowned Haitian jazz singer Ginou Oriol debuts her new album to fund an orphanage in her home community...learn more.

Children of Tomorrow’s mission is to be a resource to charities improving or nurturing children’s lives, and to fund projects benefiting our local communities.

We hope by bringing these issues into the forefront of people’s minds, we will help give children a fighting chance to succeed in this difficult world. 

We invite you to contact us if you know of a need in your local community, where Tomorrow's Children can help make a difference.

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Tomorrow's Children

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2011 Child Well- Being Index (CWI)

     Published: November 2011

The 2011 annual release of the CWI reports children are bearing the brunt of America’s widening income gap and that cuts to education, food stamps, and health insurance programs would drastically worsen the situation.

Although GDP has risen 168% since 1975, American children’s quality of life has only risen 3%. The reality is dire, finding the well-being of children and families trails far behind our country’s hefty economic growth over the past 35 years.

  1. Bullet Families have lost all economic gains they’ve made since 1975, and are likely to continue losing ground.

  2. Bullet The percentage of children living in poverty stands to increase.

    1. Bullet There has been no substantial improvement in health insurance coverage for children: seven million American children are still uninsured, and the number is growing.

      1. Bullet As additional funding from the Federal Stimulus Package ends, things stand to deteriorate further if the federal and state governments don’t make investments quickly to fill this gap.