Ginou Haitian     Jazz Project

Tomorrow's Children



  1. 1.Can’t Forget You

  2. 2.A New Day

  3. 3.Local Drizzle

  4. 4.Sample downloads coming soon...

Out of many traditions, emanate the cultural, sultry sounds of a modern day musical goddess affectionately known as Ginou. She has emerged as the Haitian Queen of Jazz as a result of her live performances.  Affectionately known as Ginou. She has emerged as the Haitian Queen of Jazz as a result of her live performances.  Although the genre is now being commercially recognized, Haitian Jazz has been heard by Americans since their occupation ed for our future generations to enjoy and expand. 

Today, Ginou has built upon this cultural empire, a new era of Haitian Jazz in the footsteps of some of her greatest influences. Following the vocal traditions of great artists like Martha Jean-Claude,Miriam Makeba, Sara Vaughn, Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holiday, and even contemporary artists like Sade- let us now introduce you to Ginou.

About Ginou -  “One word, one name, many sounds.”

About the Project

Ginou is thrilled to finally have her new  CD project on its way. She always wanted to do something for the underprivileged children of Haiti, because when she lived there as a child, it always bothered her she was well taken care of and those around her were not.

The children laughed and smiled, but there was always a sadness in their always bothered Ginou. She said, “My dream has been to give back to those beautiful, sad eyes.”

AudioHipster studios in Loganville, Georgia is proud to partner with Ginou to help her succeed in her goal while at the same time benefiting Tomorrow's Children by donating its profit back into the charity.


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Born to Haiti, but a gift to the global musical world, Ginou resonates straight into your soul. Naturally hypnotic, the Jazz vocal arrangements which Ginou performs are coupled with the cultural rhythms of old and the sleek sounds of today.  Using her voice as her instrument, this classic opera-trained singer, can transform any song into a “must hear” hit.

Jazz music lovers can get their fill of Ginou by picking up a copy of her latest CD,”Under A Spell.” A light and luscious mix of Jazz classics such as Loverman, Summer time, My Funny Valentine and The Boy from Ipanema juxtaposed with the tropical traditional Haitian sounds of Kouzen, Yoyo and Dambala. Whether live and in person or recorded, Ginou leaves a lasting sensory impression. Uniquely, as you listen to Ginou, the transformation is completed with time travel at no additional expense.  Please buckle your seatbelts, as you embark on the musical journey of a lifetime.  Enjoy your trip as we go “back to the future of jazz” with Ginou.  For booking, or interviewing, contact