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With every $199 purchase receive a FREE pair of Superlux HD385

in/ear monitors (ear buds)

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For helping us keep the doors open @ AudioHipster Studios and making it possible to keep tape rolling and affordable to all musicians.    Doyen Keaton

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Welcome to Audiohipster ...

where music & audio is our passion. We are excited to offer quality products to our customers, many of these we use ourselves in the studio ...from companies that are proud of their products & stand behind them. We are an Authorized Dealer & offer: NPNG, MIPRO, Oktava, Warm Audio, Recording Tools, Superlux, & Avlex Products.

HD681 EVO  $47

Black & White in stock


Superlux Headphones HD681 EVO in stock Free Velour Ear Pads, New Updated Elastic Design!

Thanks for your support!  AudioHipster donates a % of sales to our certified 501c3 children’s charity:

The Audiohipster AH-01 is a professional condenser mic with a perfect cardioid pickup pattern. The unique transformer-free circuit design can effectively reduce self-noise and enlarge dynamic range. The appearance of this mic adapts plating and oxygenation craftwork. Don't let the price fool you ... your recordings will exhibit a more: Un-hyped, natural, transparent and musical recording, while retaining good depth and bass, even when pulled away from the source.

AH-01 $129 Stereo Pair $250